Music, art, and sports can have an astounding effect on all stages of growing up. These crucial activities give our youth disciplinary skills, friendship development, hand-eye coordination, and improved I.Q. Creative and athletic activities teach us to express our feelings and help develop social skills. Art, which is one of our first forms of expression, allows a child’s developing mind to learn how to make choices, use memory, and express their own individual personalities. It is a fact that these three sources give our children more confidence. The more a child develops confidence the more active they tend to be at home, in the classroom and in the community. Research has shown that our youth will carry over their social behavior from adolescence to adulthood. We have to help provide and encourage positive activities early on. We want to help show how hard work and discipline can pay off, and that learning to express themselves in a positive way will develop the characteristics they can carry on for the rest of their lives. Our schools are losing funds and cutting back on these three important subjects. Children are losing their art and music classes, as well as PE (Physical Education). Recess time is becoming shorter and shorter every year. It is crucial that children receive more than just a square class room. Children need movement, imagination, and expression to explore themselves and the world. Obesity is also becoming an epidemic in this country. 1 out of 5 children in this country is overweight. We have to worry about teaching the children of our world to create healthy habits that exercise their body and mind.

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